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Practice Management

Physio Plus Tech Practice Management provides the office manager or clinic owner with real-time business intelligence to improve operational decision-making.

Physio Plus Tech reports and alerts

Physio Plus Tech includes a variety of reports to help improve productivity and efficiency in your clinic. Alerts keep your staff on track with billing or follow-up reminders.

• Staff productivity | Cancel/no show tracking | Referral tracking

• Find missed notes | Visit statistics | Billing reminders

• Recapture "lost" patients | Tracking of treatments and records of old patients.

Patient record capture and archiving

Physio Plus Tech allows clinics to upload external patient documents directly into the patient chart creating a complete Electronic Medical Record. Going “green” with a paperless office saves on the costs of printing, paper, faxing and record storage, while being more environmentally friendly. With Physio plus Tech, everyone on your team can easily access all patient documents in one place, including:

• Digitally scanned legacy documents and patient records

• Diagnostic images (X-Rays, CT, etc.)

• Patient-signed consent and intake forms

• Digital fax images or PDF files

Important business metrics

With Physio Plus Tech, you have access to information in just seconds that previously you had no way of getting. Easily track your businesses growth and even see which marketing channels or referral sources are the most effective.

You can also generate graphs to:

• Estimate clinic income

• Analyze Patient demographics

• Correlate outcome measures

• Compare efficiency of Therapists and Therapies

Physio Plus Tech is the better way to document

Physio plus Tech is the leading web-based physical therapy software.

Easy and affordable – get up and running in one day.

No servers, downloads or backups – no IT staff required.

Access patient data from anywhere using your PC, Macintosh, iPad or smartphone.