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Dr. S.Ram Prakash, P.T., C.O.M.P.T.,

Founder, Physio Plus Clinic

In 2011, Dr. Ram Prakash P.T started his own Clinical practice in India after many failed attempts to go to USA. Since he want to overcome his failure he wished to turn his clinical practice just as it would be in USA, then he found the completely different health care delivery in US and India, he realized that Insurance covers most treatment techniques and standard procedures in US, but In India Insurance company's don't reimburse Physiotherapy treatment, this has caused the vast difference in the economic and social status of the profession in the two different countries at contemporary period.

He realized that not just Evidence based practice is the need of the hour, the practice itself should be evident, should be documented, and should be recordable, reproducible and researchable. He came with the idea of making a unique software for Indian Physiotherapy. Since 2011, he has been documenting the needs and the requirements of the software, until he met the right person to develop it that is Mr. Karna in January 2013.

Mr. Karna and Ram discussed the possibilities and difficulties, despite the unwelcoming future of the software, in the country where nobody has to document or has to be reimbursed, this software may be not mandatory here. Ram took a daring step to invest time and money in a belief that Indian physiotherapists will understand the need of the hour, the urge to grow, and the compulsion to uplift the profession is there in every physiotherapist. Adopting the software today by Indian physiotherapists will let the insurance companies to turn their attention towards us, while we will have documented years of clinical practice, we will have standardized the treatment producers.

The day is not very far, when Physiotherapists in India will be living an elite life at the society, the children will aspire a dream to become a physiotherapist by seeing your life. Lets Live an inspirational life.

Mr. Karunagapandian, B.E.,

Team Leader

Karuna is one of our PHP gurus. Prior to working for us, he participated in creating many, many start-ups: that is where his heart lies. Creating dreams, he calls it. We call it getting inside a Physio's mind so well, thats what he creates, from the UI to the functionality, exactly matches our thoughts. Mind reader! Created real-time web applications, complex back-end management systems including content management, e-commerce, games, chats, customer relations and communication interfaces. The projects based on PHP in conjunction with various other web development technologies. PHP (pure PHP, PHP with OOP, PHP with frameworks: Zend, Symfony and automating tests: PHPUnit), SQL (generic SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, ORM), JavaScript (generic JavaScript, JQuery, AngularJS, AJAX), Comet server (real-time data streaming), XHTML / HTML, CSS, XML and SVN / GIT are used.

He is an ardent facebook developer. and has developed many facebook apllications till date. Soon Physio Plus Tech will explore and milk his facebook talent to develop some exiting products for physiotherapists.

Despite being completely busy in his own projects, he intended to sign this project with the great hope and trust in a physitherapist's dream. He worked most dedicatively, understood our need and gave innovative ideas to meet our requirements. He had never said "impossible" while trying many of our impracticable tasks.

He has pledgeed to equip Physio Plus Tech with many more advanced technology and decorate our dream.

Mr. K.Muthukumar, B.C.A., D.I.T.,

Software Developer

Muthukumar is our certified PHP developer. His very active involvement in open-source development has taught him more than any university ever could. His PHP knowledge is extremely advanced. He has the highly-prizedZendcertificate (Zend is a platform written in and for PHP development.) He prides himself on "not just building 'web sites' but truly developing 'web applications'.

He had single handedly managed and developed the project from its very abyss to its peak. Despite his experience at developing many ERP solutions Physio Plus Tech has been an onerous task, becuase of its novelty in the industry. He also took part in managing the team and directed the project with more responsibilities then a software engineer could bear.

Mr. K.Saravanakumar, DCSE.,

Web Designer

Highly creative Graphic Designer with 4 + years agency and in house experience who is team orientated with good interpersonal skills. Has the ability to capture our dream and can reproduce it on the screen. Has great attention to detail and a strong passion for design, whilst looking to also progress into web and interactive design, to advance his creativity as the technology develops across all aspects of media.

Creating designs for both print and web his great prowess; working on a range of products from logos/ branding, stationery, packaging design, menu boards/ large format printing, brochures, folders, direct mail, web interface layouts, flash for websites and flash banners are cakewalks for him.