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  • Que: Physiotherapists, Do you have trouble accessing your patient's past medical history?

    Ans: With Physio Plus Tech, Physiotherapists can access patient medical records like prescriptions, reports, files, and bills 24 x 7

  • Que: Physiotherapists, Does your clinical practice suffers because of inefficient scheduling?

    Ans: Physio Plus Tech provides appointment scheduling across clinics through online app, IVR & SMS.

  • Que: Physiotherapists, Do you often find difficult reaching out to your patients after initial visit?

    Ans: Physio Plus Tech provides after visit collaboration with your patients & helps you to bring your patients back.

  • Que: Physiotherapists, Do you think your patients are missing their Family Doctor?

    Ans: Physio Plus Tech helps you to stay connected with your patients and bring the sense of family doctor back.

  • Que: Physiotherapists, Are you not able to retain your patients?

    Ans: Physio Plus Tech extended patient care services helps the doctor to build patient loyalty.

  • Que: Physiotherapists, Are you tired of existing software that are complicated and force you to change practice work-flow?

    Ans: Physio Plus Tech provide simple and intuitive consultation interface based on traditional clinical practice.

  • Que: Physiotherapists, Are you wasting time during commute between clinic/hospitals?

    Ans: Physio Plus Tech enables you to access patient records/reports during commute from mobile devices.

  • Que: Physiotherapists, Are you not able to see enough patients in a day?

    Ans: Physio Plus Tech streamlined workflow makes the Physiotherapists more efficient and reduces time taken per patient.

  • Que: Physiotherapists, Are you losing patient's follow up visits, due to remote location?

    Ans: Physio Plus Tech enables you for online consultations on patient's request.

  • Que: Physiotherapists, Do you have trouble monitoring patients after visit compliance?

    Ans: Patient can update medication information, progress etc which can be reviewed by doctor on follow up visit.

  • Que: Physiotherapists, Do you feel sorry for not able to provide supplemental & educational information for a critical medical condition?

    Ans: Physio Plus Tech provides intuitive contextual health information, which can be pass on to the patient after consultation.