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Physical Therapy Documentation

We recognize that documentation is the largest issue facing physiotherapists, as it is yet to be accepted, adpoted & accomodated. Physio Plus Tech meets the specific needs of therapists by streamlining the workflow process resulting in compliant, defensible, legible, and efficient physiotherapy documentation.

Physio Plus Tech documentation includes initial examinations, re-examinations, progress notes, daily notes, discharge summaries. In future we are planning to include digital exercise prescriptions, evaluation and treatment profiles will contain evidence-based tests there by promoting evidence based practice in India.

Create professional documentation efficiently and effectively

• Simple point and click templates ease document creation

• Built-in outcome measurement tools with automatic scoring

• Unlimited emailing of patient notes directly from the system

Complete digital medical records

• Document initial examinations, re-examinations, progress notes, daily notes, discharge summaries

• Upload digital files from scanned patient records or diagnostic images

• Fully customize your pt documentation

Ensure compliance every time

• Changes in the practice can be message to patient cuncurrently via SMS and E-Mail

• Regular visits and all follow-ups will be indimated by SMS and E-Mail

• Excercise prescription will be made easy by Digital Ex's prescription via E-Mail

Support for Pediatrics, ICU, Geriatric, Neuro Rehab and other PT specialties

• Comprehensive objective tests for specific specialities will become available in the near future.

• Other dimensions in physiotherapy will be researched and enhanced by Physio Plus Tech

Physio Plus Tech is the better way to document

Physio plus Tech is the leading web-based physical therapy software.

Easy and affordable – get up and running in one day.

No servers, downloads or backups – no IT staff required.

Access patient data from anywhere using your PC, Macintosh, iPad or smartphone.