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Physiotherapy Billing

Physio Plus Tech has developed a simple to use billing system, that can be generated directly from patient care plan or treatment records. Now billing your patients is just a click way, you don't have to start with a word document again. Physio Plus tech also enables the PT's to create bill by manually entering the treatments and billable items. We have in development about maintaining inventory for billable items (Splints, braces, exercise bands and other accessories we used to sell to our patients) and to deduct them automatically as they have been sold.

Customize your Own Bill or Invoice

Physio Plus Tech has freely provided customization rights to your clinic bills, you can and your clinic name, you can upload your clinic logo, you can maintain the terms and conditions of payment or bills and you can also enlist your clinic locations and address.

Manage Mode of Payment

Physio Plus Tech has given the privilege to create, edit and manage the mode of payment of each and every bill, so that you can keep track of the payments, like cash, cheque or online transactions. You can even edit the cheque numbers or delete it along with payment.

Keep track of receivable payments and Remind your Patients

In Physio Plus Tech, we have a feature to notify you about the invoices or bills that have not been settled payments completely, we allow partial payments and will remind you about the rest of the payments in notification. We also have the facility to send your patients an SMS or Email with kind reminder and intimation about the due amount that has to be collected in order to close the bill.

Know your Income and Clinic Accounts

In the busy schedule of clinic hours, we hardly get time to calculate our income everyday or even monthly. We may not have kept the record of expenses incurred in our clinic and there may not be sufficient financial data about our clinical practice. On the other hand a clear-cut depiction of those documents and record will enable us to apply for IT returns, bank loans and other financial services. Physio Plus Tech has the platform to maintain your clinic income and expense records, income statements and expense statements for now. We are working on more financial reporting features to be included in the near future.

In return, you’ll experience:

• A service fully integrated with Physio Plus Tech EMR

• A dedicated billing Account Manager with regional specialization

• Customized billing reports, can help you evoluate and anayze your clinic growth

• Transparent and secure access with 24/7 real-time access ensures privacy of your clinics financial datas